Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator Program 2023 Online Form, Apply

By | September 29, 2023

Google Cloud Arcade Program

Embark on an extraordinary learning journey with the GoogleCloudReady Facilitator program and Arcade, unlocking the gateway to a vast universe of cloud computing mastery. This is your golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the forefront of technology like never before. Brace yourself for a series of exhilarating updates as we envision an enhanced rendition of the Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator program for the year 2023.

Unlock the power of Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator and immerse yourself in an extraordinary cloud learning journey. Through captivating games and thrilling challenges, Arcade offers you the chance to explore and master cutting-edge cloud technologies. With each “Arcade Point” you accumulate, you open the door to exciting Google Cloud goodies and other incredible prizes.

Eligibility for Google Cloud Facilitator

This Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator is open to all including working professionals & students.

Working on Google Cloud Arcade Facilitator

  1. Stay connected by subscribing to active Arcade emails. Receive exciting updates about prizes, codes, and more, directly to your account.
  2. Join the Google Cloud Skills Boost. If you’ve already registered, there’s no need to create a new account.
  3. Embark on your cloud learning journey by playing engaging games. Learn new skills, earn valuable badges, and collect Arcade points along the way.
  4. Supercharge your progress by enrolling in Skill Badges. These badges will assist you in completing game tasks and earning even more Arcade points. Maximize your learning potential and reap the rewards.
  5. Mark your calendars for September when the prize counter opens its doors. Redeem your hard-earned points in Google Cloud Facilitator for a wide range of exciting prizes.

Google Ph.D. fellowship

Application Process

Take the first step towards joining the prestigious Google Facilitator Program by filling out our convenient Google Form.


Discover the official website of the highly anticipated Google Facilitator 2023 Program and embark on a transformative learning experience.

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