PM Narendra Modi – Greatest Living Legend of India

By | July 13, 2017

Narendra Modi

ON Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the country on your historical decision to taking the black money and banned the currency of rupees 500 and 1000. It’s a master stroke against the “Terror, corruption & bribes” of our PM mode. Currently, India is the 76th number of corrupted countries.

PM MODI takes the responsibility to remove it step by step. Most of the public welcome this great decision at once when PM addressing the country but some people who are living in India opposed the decision because having black money without paying any tax on their earning called  “ inner enemies We may call the patriot who supporting, bending or welcoming against the PM’ decision they too.

The effect of the sudden decision on the public is very terrible because the public is not ready to face it mentally at once however public supporting it greatly. Media playing a great role to understanding the people and knowing the review of public how people facing master stroke of our PM.  The public knows that it will be effective in long run. Public accept it that its temporal terror and after some days It will be normal. Banks are full of the crowd from Wednesday and bank staff supporting the people. There are some problems with some banks and ATM due to unavailable of the new currency.

The reviews of political parties were in favor of central government first day but them changing day by day and opposing the decision because political parties afraid due to taking upcoming assembly election in some states. one of them upcoming Utter Pradesh assembly election is a great factor because up playing a big role in India. Opposition saying that PM MODI deceiving the public to taking banned currency but public understand all over and supporting PM MODI  as usual. The Recent government never takes any step against black money and corruption. Most of the political parties have black money and trade to sell M.L.A   tickets.

Now, these political parties afraid to take their business of selling tickets and how to convert their black money into white money. PM MODI Don’t give any chance or way to all political parties. So the opposition is very terrible and criticized the decision of PM MODI.  Public facing the problem but all are with our PM MODI and supporting them greatly. Public seeing the future of developing country and growth of the nation. The decision will be effective for upcoming generation and they shall thank PM MODI. IT’S war against poverty, employment, infrastructure, and education.

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