How Can Common People Help To Indian Army

By | July 14, 2017

Donate money to Indian army

Every Indian should do proudly on our Army and other security Forces because if we live here in the piece in any part of India just only because of our security forces. There are few countries besides India which increase terrorism and proxy war against us but our force personnel’s retaliated them with very hard way on the border and also another terrain of India where such things are happening.

I have some experience in security forces and I will try to tell you which sort of tangible problems are being faced by our security forces personnel’s while they are on or off their duties. To defend us, a soldier never rest and works round the clock in his whole life, he faces bullets and bombs every day on the border and also nasal terror affected areas like Tripura, Manipur, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh etc.

Think Friends about those families’ situation whose son/brother/father martyred for the nation, Indian soldiers are our whole nation proud and we should make their families feel proud every time.In fact, these Indian soldiers are our Real Hero. We, all Indians should understand their problems and help them when anyone sees them in any problems.

Problems of Indian soldiers while they are there on or off duties and how we can help them?

  • Very Few peoples knows that a soldier life is so disturb while he is on duty due to national security reason, anytime and anywhere a soldier is prepared to join his duties without having time that is why they face Travel problem because most time they cannot reserve seats in trains for them whether they are entitled 1st to 3rd AC ticket by the central government .And due to this cause, they are shown mostly time sitting their steel trunks or even squatting next to the toilets in trains. So I request to all Indian peoples to share your seat when you see our more solid like this condition.

donate to indian soldiers

  • Ninety percent soldiers are posted in those places which are very far from their home and they cannot come timely if any problem occurred in their families. I have seen many soldiers whose land grabbed by their close relatives or also other peoples who live their near and there and threatening them or their families.These type of peoples think that a soldier has limited leave and he cannot reach easily at his home that is why such peoples create problems. So I want to say that if you ever got this opportunity to help a soldier in a similar situation then please do.
  • Sometimes a soldier face a problem in our state government offices while he has some work related them while he is on leave. Other government officials can help them in preference and avoid red tape dealings with them because a soldier has limited time.
  • While a soldier is posted far away from his state or home than he is the stranger there and people’s pick benefits of this like traders and shopkeepers to overcharge them. So I request them do not do this or if you see someone anywhere the same then try to stop this.
  • If any civilian sees a soldier walking on the road in sun or in training then try to give him a lift.
  • If your child or any relative child influences with Indian Army and wants to join Army than encouraging him for this. Our Army wants even needs the best talent from India, after all, they are responsible safety and security of our country.
  • We can also help to Indian Army in respect to giving some funds in Army Relief Fund Account. This is also a great help also because in security purpose a nation is so strong when that Nation Army is strong and for this Army needs well and new technology weapons and for this government needs money to purchase them and this fund can help to buy them. And also when our more solid martyred than some fund from this Army relief fund can release to his family. DONATE MONEY TO INDIAN ARMY.
  • When you see any soldier while they traveling their vehicle during their duties than SALUTE them for encouraging. By this, they will encourage to fight enemies and feel great as the nation is back on them.

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