KHELO INDIA Scholarship Scheme 2024 Eligibility List Registration

By | March 24, 2024

The Khelo India Scholarship Scheme 2024 is about nurturing the present and future of India sports athlete. In recent times , we have seen emerging enthusiasm for sports in India. This scholarship designed to support the young talented athletes . The Khelo India Youth Games Registration is primarily conducted online accessible for the athletes from all parts of our country. Each athlete receives an out-of-pocket stipend of Rs 1,20,000/-per year.

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It benefits the athletes with financial help to pursue the dream sports for career. The main objective of the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme is to identify the raw talent of the athlete and provide them all the necessary guidance related to the sports they choose. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is the applicant is required to have a certain level of educational background to qualify for the scholarship. The applicant must submit various documents for the application process ,including proof of age, educational certificates, and evidence of their sporting achievements.


This Khelo India Scholarship Scheme has tremendous increase in success for the sports athlete as they get sufficient amount of training related to their sport . From getting medals from international athletic events and securing professional contracts , sports have come a long way. By empowering young athletes from diverse backgrounds, This program has played a crucial role in elevating India’s performance on the international level in sports. It is also inspiring for new generation to pursue this excellence in their sports career.

How can I apply for Khelo India Scholarship ?

  1. Visit the official Khelo India website.
  2. Look for scholarship related information
  3. Check the eligibility criteria and ensure you meet the requirements.
  4. fill the the application form with all the details .
  5. Attach the necessary documents, such as proof of age, sports achievements, etc
  6. Submit the application within specified deadline.

Note: For more detailed information visit the official site of Khelo India sheme . Apply here

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