What is your Strength and weakness ? Best Answers

By | March 17, 2017

List of strengths and weaknesses

Dear friends, if you are ready to walk in job interview and in preparation of interview then you are on exact webpage to collect right info and discussion about generally asked questions. An Interview is conversion between interviewer and interviewee by which an interviewer checks the general knowledge and behavior for candidates. Interview is best way through which Interview committee judge and observed the Communication skill of contestants. Asking question is purposeful in interview because candidate’s performance will shows all about the candidates.    

There are many questions which generally asked by recruitment department at the time of interview like “Introduced yourself”, “What do you know about our company”, “Why should I hire you”. The most popular question asked in job interview, tell me about your “strength and weakness”. This question is very tricky to answering.  Through this question interviewer wants to know about your skill to handle the stress level and confidence in front of interview committee.  

Aspirants if you want to collect best answer and discuss major question ever asked in job interview “What Are Your Strength and Weakness”. Through this webpage we will try to provide best answering for mention question. Remove your stress regarding this question because at this webpage we will furnish possible complete answer. 

What Are Your Strength:

Aspirants in every Interview by an Interviewer, it is mostly asked what is your strength. So it is must to have knowledge about their strengths before participating in interview round. Through this single question Interviewer, wants to decide in one quick that what you have beneficial for company’s growth as traits.

When you are going to take part in the job interview, it is essential to show yourself in best manner so that you express your strength before interview committee. If you get success to tell strength it will be helpful to getting job.

You need to evaluate your skills according to knowledge based skill, observations skill and personal traits.  As per below mentioned list you should create a list of your skills on the basis of prescribed list.

  •  Good Communication skills
  • Body Language
  • Postures
  • problem solving
  • Good Listening power
  • Positive thinker
  • Team Player
  • Friendly nature
  • Creative
  • Proper Computer knowledge
  • Languages
  • Decision making
  • Hard & smart worker
  • Confidence
  • Co-operative

Now, through above mentioned skills you can choose your skill and prepare correct answer with explanation so that you tell easily “why it is your strength”. Choose your strength according to your designation.

What Are Your Weakness: –

When you are participating in interview test then be ready to face most asked questions related to your weakness “What Are Your Weakness”. No one is perfect and have some bad habit so when you are in Interview room and interviewer asked about your weakness. In this critical condition it is very tough to face this question. You must prepare this question before appearing in interview room. Never show you like a superior. Start answering this question honestly, never expressed more about weakness.

Keep ready answer for this question before participation so that you can face easily. When you are answering never feel nervousness and show your confidence with positive attitude. Adopt honesty while answering and never say “I don’t have any weakness”.  Keep in mind that you are not perfect and can be never. Try to tell that you are good learner and working to remove your weakness.   

At this webpage we are mentioning some negative points so choose them according to your weakness: –

  • Over talking.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Impatience.
  • Sensitive.
  • Short temper.
  • Height phobia.
  • Lizard phobia.
  • Confusing.
  • Cant’ take decision quickly
  •  Bed writing
  • Color blindness
  •  General knowledge is not good
  • Lack of some  technical skilled

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