Best Interview Questions and Answers 2017

By | March 20, 2017

Interview Questions and Answers

Dear friends, for getting a job there is a process for recruitment of a candidate in the form of written test and personal interview. Most of the private company hired suitable and talented aspirants on the basis of their academic records and interview directly. Aspirants feel nervousness when they are going to face interview to get job.   

Generally, interviewee doesn’t face interview with confidence, in front of interviewer they feel nervousness and hesitation. The main reason behind such type of hesitation is lack of preparation. Contenders enter in interview room without practice of some general question & answer asked between interviewers to interviewee. If you are going to face job interview then you should go with strategy according to job profile. 

At this webpage we will discuss some general questions with proper answer so that you can’t remove your fear of rejection and take an overview about interview. It is essential factor to make you ready mentally to face job interview with confidence. It is your duty that answering should be clear and audible to interviewers. Impress your interview committee with your answer. 

                             Interview Questions and Answer

Question 1: – Tell me about yourself?

Answer: – Generally, it is first most common question asked by interviewer in starting of interview. You should answer with describing yourself with Name, Educational & Professional Qualification, and share your work experience (If any). Necessarily, tell about your achievements related to your job dignity with confidence. You should mention about your hobbies. Mention overall personal info in brief.

Question 2:- What do you know about our company?

Answer: – To answering this question you have to be prepared prior to the interview by gathering the more & more information from internet, books and most important from the past employees of the company (If possible). After preparation of this question, you will answer this question very easily.

Question 3:- Why do you want to work with our company??

Answer: – Start answering this question in such manner that you have a respect for the Company, Know about the Company visualization and the function. Describe working environment and infrastructure of the company. Tell the interviewer about companies provide best platform to develop skilled.

Question 4: –How do you manage to work under pressure?

Answer:  you should start answering with positive attitude, which shows that you can work under pressure without feeling stress. You can tell the interview committee that you like such type of situation of work because it provide you chance to do better on time and you like challenges.

Question5:- What Are Your Great Strengths?

Answer:  you should answer with confidence in brief. Don’t express yourself more strongly. You can tell about your traits like Positive attitude, Hard & smart worker and problem solver as strength. 

 Question6: What Are Your Great Weakness?

Answer: – Tell such type of weakness that hasn’t any impact on your job profile. You can tell as weakness height phobia, lizard phobia etc.

Question7:- Why should I hire you?

Answer: – This question is very tricky to answering. Answering this question according to job profile needs and tell interviewer that you have best knowledge and skilled which will be beneficial for companies growth as well as yourself.

Question8:- Why did you leave your last job?

Answer:   Facing this question is not very easy for everyone.  You should answer honestly and never discuss negative and badly about last job’s working in previous company because it will gives bad impression on the interviewer. Tell only exact reason for last job leaving.

.Question9:- Do you have any query to ask me?

Answer:  In last phase of Interview, Interviewer provides you opportunity to short out your quarry. Through this question interviewer wants to know about your eager and seriousness regarding job.  You must clear your doubt clearly one by one at once. You may ask about Job location, Timing and the Working day when you will start. You can put out job related quarry at that time without any hesitation.

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